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In the residential neighborhood of Carrasco, 15 km from the center of the city of Montevideo, are the administrative offices and the industrial plant of Laboratorios Caillon & Hamonet. On a plot of 4100 m2, with 2147m2 built, skilled operators and more than 30 professionals carry out the objective of the company: privilege the quality of life of society.

Laboratorios Caillon & Hamonet emerges in Argentina, but on May 31, 1953, he moved to Montevideo independently on Salto Street, in the old house of the Batlle family, where the company was growing and consolidating until its first sale stock package in 1970. Since then, the laboratory went through various hands until 1997, when it is acquired by the current owners. Its production has grown and diversified, achieving the trust of Uruguayan society and that of more than 15 laboratories to which Caillon & Hamonet manufactures products. Today, with more than half a century of experience, it employs 105 trained employees, who with their work make the company continue to grow and present more than 80% of the production in Uruguayan pharmacies, both in the capital and in the interior of the country.

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