Corporative Social Responsability

Committed to the quality of life of society is that we prioritize the "Use of Clean Technologies", ensuring that a pharmaceutical industry can live in the residential neighborhood of Carrasco without disturbing or contaminating the area. Through the renewal of industrial equipment and the optimization of production times we achieve significant energy savings, improving our industrial safety, the occupational health of our staff, the reduction of occupational accidents, and noise pollution. In addition, we are attached to the PGE - Non-Returnable Packaging Management Program -, which is carried out by the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay within the framework of the concepts of corporate responsibility both socially and environmentally, and is responsible for the treatment of all those containers, labels and accessories that are not reusable.

We also have special deposits where dust extraction residues are stored, linked to production processes, preventing them from expanding in the environment and ensuring their subsequent destruction. In addition, special air treatment systems in the different areas of the company and water treatments are essential to achieve maximum purity when making products.


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