Since 1953 we are present in the Uruguayan pharmaceutical market

In Caillon & Hamonet We produce more than 250 formulas, of which more than 50 are part of our pharmaceutical line, while the rest corresponds to medicines made in an industrial plant for important square laboratories. We have machinery for the production of medicines in presentation of gels, capsules, blisters, ampoules and suspension, with solid, semi-solid, liquid and sterile pharmaceutical forms.

We have opted from the Laboratory to the service of fasonería for other pharmaceutical brands and even for veterinary and cosmetic products. Looking to offer solutions to customers who outsource our services trusting Caillon & Hamonet their manufacturing. We have prioritized the investment in new technology and machinery to optimize the processing service for third parties. We invite you to know the ways of production:

Solid Forms

Among these products are tablets, lacquered tablets, dragees, rigid gelatin capsules, granules and powders.
For the production of these pharmaceutical forms, separate manufacturing areas are available, in order to avoid cross contamination; fact that becomes relevant when dealing with powders.

Compressing machines can manufacture tablets of the most diverse weights, sizes and shapes, allowing great flexibility to handle different types of active ingredients and varied batch sizes. The tablets are coated both by lacquered and by dragee, protecting those tablets that require it. Rigid gelatin capsules are filled from size 0 to size 3 with two semi-automatic machines, which are located in separate compartments. We also have mixers and mixers that allow you to obtain the mixture of powders and granules both wet and dry. For the primary packaging of these products blister pads and machines are available.

Liquid Forms

Within this group, solutions, syrups, suspensions and emulsions are made.
Reactors of various sizes are available for the manufacture of these pharmaceutical forms, which allows ample flexibility to adapt to the productive needs of each case. There are also storage tanks for products. All material in contact with the product is stainless steel.

Caillon & Hamonet It has a special area segregated from the rest of the areas and with its own air conditioning for the manufacture of pediculicides and sarcopticides, based on Malathion, Lindane, Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids. For the packaging of the different liquid pharmaceutical forms, various filling machines are available that allow adapting to any filling volume and the viscosity of the product to be packaged.

Semi-solid shapes

Within these forms, gels, ointments, creams, suppositories and ovules are made.

This area includes a manufacturing zone and a packaging zone. For topical forms, there is a knob packer that allows dosing both aluminum knobs and plastic knobs and all varieties of weight. For the primary packaging of suppositories and suppositories, we have a wrapping machine.


The facilities in this area are equipped to manufacture all types of sterile liquid products - solutions and suspensions - of the vial type, ampoules and eye drops. The Laboratory has an independent area for the development of this sector and has equipment that guarantees the air supply to meet the required specifications in each case, for class 10 sterile processes and the class 10000 preparation area. It has a blister filling machine that can fill ampoules from 1 mL to 10 mL, and a liquid packing machine that allows you to pack various volumes of vials and dropper bottles for eye drops.


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