Quality Control

Since 1953 we are present in the Uruguayan pharmaceutical market

We have a sector for the Quality Control Laboratory, which guarantees that the products manufactured or conditioned in our facilities, whether from our own line or for third parties, are of the highest quality.

La tecnificación constante y los cuidados a la hora de realizar los productos logran que la planta de producción cuente con las normas de Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura Actuales – GMP – .

Currently, the Quality Control Laboratory sector is supervised by a head of quality control who inspects compliance with the following activities:

  • Chemical quality control of the different types of water - potable, demineralized, distilled and for injection - used in manufacturing processes.
  • Physical - chemical control of the components of the specialties in the different phases - raw materials, intermediate products, finished products and conditioning materials.
  • Maintenance and control of standards and counter samples.
  • Microbiological control of the different types of water -potable, demineralized, distilled and for injection-.
  • Microbiological control of the components of the specialties in the different phases (raw materials, intermediate products, finished products).
  • Environmental control of production areas.

For the realization of all these analyzes we work with the reference of European, British and American Pharmacopoeias, with official methods of our clients or validated by the development area.

We have an area for sterility tests, with characteristics similar to sterile filling areas.


In this area of the Laboratory is where all the scientific activity takes place
related with:

  • Formulation of new products.
  • Reformulation of obsolete products.
  • Development of new methods.
  • Update and modernization of obsolete analytical methods.
  • Validation of analytical methods.
  • Completion of all the necessary documentation for registration.


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